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Monday, April 25th, 2005
4:05 am
I guess I'm just a huge Doofus
Yeah so i haven't written on this thing in awhile.. obviously
Alot has been going on since.. I don't know if i had even talked the last time about how Michael and I broke up while he was still in Iraq. Well he decided that he wanted to break up with me... WHATS WRONG WITH ME?!?! Sorry I'm so apparently ugly
I did something stupid this past weekend, but no comment on what that might be
Michael is back from Iraq and doesn't know if he wants to get back together or not because of the mean text message that i sent him after some skank called my cell phone and left me some nasty message about how i'm interrupting their time.
Why do I always fall for the bad boys that I shouldn't even think about, but i guess my Mr. Right has been stolen out from under my nose.
I suck apparently and I guess I'm over it.
Sorry so short this time but nothing but lies and horrible things have been going on in my life

Current Mood: Doofus
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
9:47 am
My birthday is seriously like a month away.
Bethany your ass better be coming to my 21st birthday, and you better to caro. Talk with Alison or Jessica or Tyler they have all the details. I know nothing :) My birthday is January 6 which is a thursday so I'm more then positive that you guys should have no problems getting that off the schedule. JUST TAKE IT OFF EARLY. I'm way to excited I think I might pee myself :) this is going to be the most fun I have had since Bethany, Tyler, and Jessica all came over for my 20th birthday and we went in and watched the Real World since the new season began on my birthday!! Who would have thought that would have been such a blast. Man o Man. I have like two older ladies from my work that wanna come as well, so I told them fine. They are like 30 something and 40 something. I said that should be fine, hey they could party down with the rest of us. My boss told me he didn't want me to work on my birthday, the day after my birthday, or the day after that. He told me that if I came in with a hang over that would completely suck (i guess kinda like that one day at Alisons house when I kept telling everyone what time I had to work the next morning) and then he also said he didn't want me to have to continually worry about having to go to bed early, he just wanted me to have fun with my friends. He also added, once you go out to a bar with your friends and its your 21st, its kinda hard to convince them that you have had enough cause everyone wants to keep slamming alcohol in your face, even when you have had plenty of it. Whoa this quite a bit for me to be writing. Alright well I think I'm done. So Alison, Bethany, Caroline, and whoever else reads this journal (which I'm guessing is very far and few between) come to my birthday party. Get in contact with Jessica, Alison, or Tyler. Love ya'll Peace.

Current Mood: Fun mood
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
9:42 am
Now Presenting in this Corner....Tiffany
Hey guys whats up? Long time no Journal. I have been exceptionally busy with work and school; however, I'm not going to be my normal complainy self. Roll with it. HAHA Anyway. School is going alright. Tons of kids that think they are cool, but don't worry I snap them back into reality by telling them they really aren't. My speech class is a breeze, and English pft.. who needs it? Governmnet and developmental Psych is alright. Just kinda Maxin and Relaxin. Have a couple of tests to study for and what not but other then that just enjoying my time as a student. I think my boss wants to fire me :) Oh well. HEHE

Haven't heard from Michael lately. Last time we talked did not end on a good note. However, November 8 was our 1 year anniversary for dating... Okay sigh and relax. Thats the longest I have ever dated a guy. I need to get my head screwed on straight. 1 Year DAMN!!

One month and 14 days until I officially turn the big 21. I'm so excited. I can't wait. Not that I'm gonna go out and drink myself into an oblivian, Lord knows Tiffany can't handle the Tequila anyway, but no I just can't wait until i can go out to clubs and hang out with my friends and dance. And not have to worry about not being able to have a beer here and there. Anyway more to write later I need to get back to work Ciao for now Tiffany

Current Mood: 1 Month 14 days and counting
Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
11:55 am
Work Sucks and then I go to school...
So yeah all I ever do is work and go to school, its kinda boring seeing as how I actually do enjoy my time off and the fact that every once in awhile I might actually get to sleep in, but no.. Who would want me to get to sleep in when I am actually supposed to? Alright I'm done bitching. I'm out like an old fork.

Current Mood: Work SUCKS!! so does school
Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
1:19 pm
Dammit Dammit Dammit
So I started back up school for this fall and I am hating every second of it. Yes there are a few cute guys in some of my classes (such as speech a boy from ferris oh so hot) however my teachers just seem to want to pile the whole book on top of me within the first few days. I have to remember how to get into student mode, vs. i'm a huge party girl and can't stop to take a break for any school, not to mention that I just want good grades. Some of my classes I am taking over for the second time, and others I don't have that luxury. I'm just to busy i can't even think. why am I even on this thing? Its taking up my time.. lol Hopefully it all pans out in the end and I walk away with straight A'S.

Current Mood: Grades, Who needs em?
Saturday, August 14th, 2004
9:49 am
*Sigh*.. And yes he is gone, the saga to Tiffanys relationship goes on...
So Michael left yesterday which is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I hated every moment of it. He waved goodbye, I cried. GOD. Why can't my life be like one of those movies where everything is perfect and everyone ends up happy? Why must I always be in the shitty ones where the beast captures you and cuts of your head or something. I feel like all of me is gone again. I hate this feeling. Everytime he leaves everything that I have goes with him. I can't believe how incredibly hard this is.
I do however need to make a few apologies begining with-
Alison - I am so sorry I couldn't come to your party and Tyler probably blew completely out of proportion what I had told him on the phone cause he doesn't like Michael anyway. So I am very sorry but Girlie you know I can see you any day of the week, my boyfriend however, Time is to far few and between that I actually get to cuddle with him, and who knows the next mortarer could hit his convoy and then I wouldn't have got to say everything I did get to say to him. I love you girlie and REALIZE THIS!!
Caroline - I'm sorry I have had my head up my ass for the past couple of months. Right now I'm trying to do better. I'm going to call you more and we're going to hang out more. I MEAN THAT. I'm sorry that I haven't been a great friend but maybe you can help teach me how to be good again, God knows I have forgot how to be nice to people due to an amount of stress and shit I deal with everyday and also know that I love you as well.
Nick - Sorry I couldn't come to your show. I know it means alot to you when you do play a show. I know I SUCK!! But hey I could always bring you some watermelon bubble gum, I know that usually makes you feel better :) I love you kid!!
Finally know that no matter what I say and what I do doesn't always reflect who I am. The next 6 months are going to be the worst in all of time. but I hope that with the few close friends I do have, they can help me make time fly by. I love you all dearly

Current Mood: sentimental
Friday, July 30th, 2004
9:02 am
My heart melts...
So yes the rumors are true, Michael came into Grand Rapids on Wednesday night. Originally I was really pissed at him cause he wanted me to come out to GREENVILLE to get to see him, when I was already at my house. Um.. I don't think so. In the end we compromised. He came to my house instead :) So I have been basically spending as much time as possible with him. It sucks cause I know in 14 days he will be going back to Iraq. I don't want that to happen, but then again there is really nothing I can do about it. I figured out though, by the time I am done with college, he will be back. I meant this year of college. So I guess it really isn't that long until I get to see him for good. We were discussing his plans for College and what he wanted to do when he got back. He was quite sure about everything yet. He said all he knew was " that he wanted to still be with me" Aww.. I have totally noticed how when guys say shit to other girls (like that) I'm totally like "oh blow me, that was the worst line" But when Michael says it to me, my heart melts. I have now realized what I love so much about him. Its so much harder when he is so far away. Lots of people don't understand. When he is here though, OMG nothing can go wrong (unless he screws something up) Seriously though. I just love him so much. I am so happy right now. I mean sure I'm gonna be upset when he leaves but, OH GESE. We are going out to Hydes tomorrow night for a party. Can't say that I am not excited. In fact Danny (michaels little brother) was like "hey hydes sometime soon? No Tequila this time for you Tiffany" If noone remembers this it was when I had to much Tequilas at Hydes house and Danny ended up taking care of me, then I woke up on the folded out couch next to him. It was one weird night. Good times out there however. Anyway alright well I'm going to get off here and get somethings done at work. BYE BYE GUYS!!

Current Mood: I love Michael
Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
9:19 am
A girl has got to eat... She'll end up on the street...Love is just a game
So last night I got to watch the best show in the world. Thats right ladies and gentlemen "Outback Jack." It was amazing. Especially the part where Jack voted out Meri-De and kept Marissa. That made me so happy. All that he needs to do now is get rid of Natalie and Maria and we will be all set. My dad didn't come home until like 2 a.m. and that was kinda depressing. So here I am sitting at my house all alone thinking of all the bad things that a whole bunch of thiefs could do to me and steal from me when all of a sudden.. I turned on the t.v. and saw none other then Chyna Doll on Howard Stern. She is so HUGE. I wanna grow up to be just like her. Her muscles are outrageous, I bet nobody tries to mess with her. I also watched an "Extreme Makeover" and I actually think that I may send in my shit for that show. Just cause I want my family to get to keep our house and I think we are very deserving of that. It would be hard and I would probably never get in but hey, I suppose its always worth a try. Anyway well as you all should know I am at work right now, so I will talk to you peeps lata. 12 days since I have heard anything from Michael.

Current Mood: Extreme Makeover House Edition
Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
3:14 pm
Caroline.. Sometimes falling in love BITES!!
Today is Tuesday and it has been 11 days since I have heard from Michael. He is supposed to be home sometime this week, but frankly I'm way to worried about him. usually I receive at least an email a week. As of recently not so lucky. I hate living like this. Worried 24/7. So I found out Mrs. Bitch Sherry in fucking GREENVILLE told Michaels best friend that the two of us were engaged or married or some shit like that. Anyway he was way pissed I called him to assure him that it wasn't true. All settled now, just really pisses me off. How many cities are they away? thats what I thought
Last night I went out to dinner with Jessica and her family. Great times.. Especially the fact that John Peter Lewis was sitting right FUCKING BEHIND US! OMG. And Jennifer didn't even know who he was. Then she was like oh yeah.. I love you can I have a picture with you. He was like.. Uh.. Sure I guess so. great times. then we proceeded to slink out of my house and venture out to Belding to spy on Miah to see whether or not he was at home. guess what he was home. And guess who was pissed cause he didn't call them on their birthday? Jessica. Oh jesus. And I was actually starting to kinda like him and his thuggish ways. God why does it always have to happen after I get attached?? Love is a many splendid thing, all you need is love.

Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
5:20 pm
Real World Tryouts anyone?
DOES ANYONE HAVE A VIDEO CAMERA??? I want to video tape myself and send it to Real World to see if I could potentially be a cast mate !! HELL YEAH!

2:30 pm
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
So last night my boss totally caught me off guard by telling me that I didn't have to come in to work until 1:00 this afternoon. Of course I was way to excited to even go to bed last night and the thought that I am actually going to get to sleep in for a change. Who would have thunk? So kinda lounged around the house this a.m. Of course cause I had nothing to do. I mean I did a couple of loads of laundry and what not, but nothing to eventful. However I did watch a little Dawson's Creek, always a good choice. I kinda want to turn on our answering machine, lock the front door, and take a little nap in the back room. That just sounds like to much fun i dunno if I could even pass that up. I dunno why as of recently, but I really haven't talked to that many people. Like I just don't call anyone anymore. I like to have my quiet time I suppose. I think because Michael is gone, all I do is hord myself in front of the television waiting to see if there has been any accidents anyone from his battalion, anyone new that may be missing. I hate this. I don't even want to leave my house in fear that something may happen and I won't be home to know about it. That sucks. And noone can tell me they know how I feel cause they don't (unless of course your boyfriend is over in Iraq) I hate feeling this way. I dunno what to do. I know all my friends are trying to do is talk to me, but its almost like i am shutting myself into a closet and never want to be bothered again. I hate feeling this way. I just fucking hate it.

Current Mood: No one understands me
Monday, July 19th, 2004
12:24 pm
I want to lick you from your head to your toes....
BLAH BLAH, Work sucks. I hate it so much. This place blows. I really need to go shopping for a brand new JOB!! HOORAY FOR GETTING THE HELL OUT OF A STERILIZED ENVIRONMENT WHERE POOR DEFENSLESS ANIMALS HAVE TO DIE AND WHERE I TOTALLY GET UNDERPAID FOR THE SHIT I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH!! So yeah. But the benefits are good, such as how much I pay to bring in my animals. The weird thing about my boss is that he will purposely tell people "Oh I didn't charge you for this or that" just so he can always look like the good guy. And then people are like awww what a great guy, then I (of course) have to collect the money and continually get bitched at about how much everything costs. Well that nice guy that you were just speaking to, yeah he makes up all the prices. SO GO TALK TO FUCKING HIM AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Wow now that I have gotten that out of my system, I believe it may actually be time to "REALLY" work. Only 7 more days until my baby comes home. I can't wait. BYE BYE

Current Mood: and so I must work
Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
11:01 am
Hooray for getting a new phone when your other one is broke. Especially if the guy tells you that he doesn't know if you ordering a new flip for it will make it work correctly. He told me that would cost 90$ and a new phone was 149.99$ so guess what Tiffany did? She bought the I730 new colored screen phone from nextel. GOD WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO?!?!?! So I'm also car shopping at the moment. Quite fun especially since I have no money. OH and fun and interesting fact. TIFFANY CAN NOW TEXT MESSAGE ON NEW PHONE. I'm so happy I have B-Lot Paid off, which is the company that fixed my car the 1st time. I almost have Victoria Secrets bill paid in full, So I'm sitting kinda happy at the moment. Michael comes home in 12 count them thats twelve days. My mom and I had a discussion about my previous entry yesterday. Jessica was in on it to. Granted he does make me incredibly happy when I am with him, its his dad that I can't stand. I dunno. But I know that I do love him, he does make me happy. So We'll see how this all pans out. Anyway LOVE YOU GUYS A-DAWG, CARO, EVERYBODY MUAH MUAH MUAH

Friday, July 9th, 2004
12:06 pm
I got 99 problems... What isn't one?
Yeah so I am at work. Any surprises there? Didn't think so. Michael emailed me today. I dunno what is wrong with me at this moment. Its almost like its weird to hear from him. Almost like I dunno if we will make it. Its so difficult and noone can judge me until they have walked at least 4 steps in my shoes. I mean, Yes I am kinda starting to doubt our relationship, only because of all the problems I forsee coming. And trust me there are about 100 dozen of them. I mean I can't expect everything, but in that.. I just don't know how much longer this relationship will last. It would be completely different if was here and if we were together all the time. But his dad will be fighting for him to stay at home. Its almost like to me it isn't worth arguing about it. I just don't want ahuge explosion between his father and I to errupt. I know it will. This shit sucks. I hate it so much. GOD RELATIONSHIPS. Maybe I will have the ultimate conversation with him when he comes home. Who knows?

Current Mood: Overseas relationships suck
Thursday, July 8th, 2004
9:43 pm
Long time no... JOURNAL
Yes that is correct ladies and gentlemen I have been gone for quite some time from the live journal circuit. I miss you guys. I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY. Um need to plan the oh so fun CEDAR POINT TRIP. Also A-Dawg I hear that Kai is coming.. And Ty and I were planning on all of us sharing a hotel room. I call whatever bed Kai isn't in (even if that means the floor) haha j/k.. Wait that was bad anyway. JESSICA AND MIAH BROKE UP. CALL ME FOR ALL THE JUICY DETAILS.. Actually I shouldn't even be posting that on here. Bad Tiffany Bad!!!
I got my car back and $830 dollars later it actually won't fall apart on me :) I hate my life... Whats more.. I actually have to pay for this shit! PEACE

Current Mood: $830 for a Car????
Monday, June 21st, 2004
2:06 pm
I'm at work right now, and someone forgot to shut off the A/C this weekend, cause I'm freezing my ass off.. Not to mention that I have on a short sleeved shirt and really thin pants.. Its driving me crazy working in a veterinarian clinic. Always cold and we kill poor defensless animals.

Nothing much going on this way. I received two emails from Michael and he was like mad at me that I haven't emailed him, which I guess he has a point to be seeing as how.. UM FUCKING YAHOO IS SCREWING UP AND I CAN'T EMAIL HIM ANYWAYS!!!

So yeah yesterday was fathers day. We had a garage sale. Pretty good thus far we have made upwards of like 600$ i think. Not bad, seeing as how I have made 20$. So yeah i guess thats a few more bucks in my pocket.

My mom is going to the doctor today. She got bit by a spider a few days ago and its continually getting worse and worse. I'm kinda worried. While there she will be explaining to Dr. Lang about how I can't sleep cause my damn side hurts all the fucking time. In which I hope he actually thinks about that and says well lets think about what we can do for Tiffany. I'm so sick of losing sleep cause of my side pain. Not to mention its already a pain in the ass as well.

Alright well time to get going, I have filing and shit I guess I could be doing. Love ya'll lots MUAH

Current Mood: I just have to get shit done
Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
9:00 am
I want to be a celebrity...
So I was watching some of the news this morning, when it hit me.. OH MY GOD THE 40TH PRESIDENT HAS PASSED AWAY.. of course you all know that I am just joking around seeing as how that is kinda old news. But in the midst of watching the news I learned that they had flown Reagans body to Washington D.C. (from Bel-air) so that more then a 100,000 people (that probably never knew him) could go and visit his casket, in his own library. Now that strikes me as a bit odd. 100,000 I don't even think i have spoken with 100,000 people in my whole life. It would have been crazier if they would have said " 100,000 of Reagans closest friends and family came to view the casket in the Reagan Library." I want a Library named after me...
Other then that not much else new, working as usual. Trying to get my head out of my ass and get the courage up to talk to my boss about how he treats me, and how I don't like it. He makes me feel like I am the dumbest person in this whole entire world. I should have stayed at star, at least there the manager was scared of me. (being Adam that is, since he is scared of everyone and conflict in general)
So Start of Summer Celebration this weekend. Totally psyched right here. I can't wait to go and shake my grove thing on the zipper with Bethmeister, A-Dawg, and now Brenda. This is gonna be so fucking tight.
Alright I got thangs to clean and that whole bit. Have a good one.. Hats off to you today...

Current Mood: I wish I were a Celebrity
Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
2:46 pm
Toby is meowing softly in the background...
So like it isn't bad enough that all my days are controlled by the recent schedule that my boss made up, but now he expects me to work like every single weekend. IN all actuality it isn't really that big of a deal, seeing as how those are only 4 hour shifts, but due to the fact that I am 20 and like to sleep in till later then 7 in the morning, I suppose he may have to think that one through , because I know first hand that I can be a bitch to deal with.
This lady just called me, she had called last week to try and sell me some crazy phone deal. She wanted to know if the doctor liked the plan that she had to offer. He didn't, she continually apologized for the fact that she hadn't called back last week like she said she would due to the fact that her aunt has breast cancer and had a really bad week last week. I told her I understood but he still wasn't interested in the plan. First time in my life that a telemarketer didn't try to push the product on me after I had already said no. Thats a miracle.
I'm so tired and losing my voice. My head hurts, I just like to constantly bitch about my life not really understanding the fact that it will get me nowhere. Jesus and now I'm just rambling on and on. I just need to get off this thing.
Does anyone else feel like the only two people that are typing on this site are Nick and Tiffany?

Current Mood: Really super sick and tired
Monday, June 7th, 2004
12:41 pm
Harry who??
So... Its been awhile I suppose is the only statement I can make as of this far. I sure do miss this Journal typing shit.
Wow Last weekend Kai and I went to see "Prisoner of Azkaban" It was okay. I prefer the first two movies, but then again, the third book wasn't my favorite anyway, to be exact, I hate that one the most thus far. So I'm not suprised that the movie didn't leave me wetting my seat. People at Star kept saying "oh are you guys out on a date?" Yeah pretty sure if I was to cheat on Michael and go out with someone else, he would be better then Kai, believe you, me. Anyway, so I suppose that probably sent the rumor mill spinning, everyone thinking that the two of us hooked up, ha.. Sometimes I really do miss that place.
I am going to start of summer this weekend on Fri and Sat night. Friday so I can wheel Kaley around in her wheelchair. She provided a bit of humor by the suggestion that we should dress up like a couple of trailer trash girls, in mini skirts and the whole Sha-bang. I found this to be humorous, but also I would think it could be quite fun, seeing as how that weekend is the only weekend that people actually try to impress everyone by making their whole clothing ensemble work to match their shoes and purse. Kaley said I should wheel her around holding a cigarette in one hand and a pop bottle covered with a brown paper bag in the other. All in all the idea is great, however I don't believe we both will actually go through with it.
Other then that I have enrolled in CC for this fall, and have signed up for my classes and everything. Very excited that this fall I can prove myself to my parents as their daughter and hopefully as a great student, however only time will tell on that one. My grandmother was admitted to the hospital the other day for blood in her urine. She then proceeds to call me 4 days later to let me know what happened and told me that it wasn't serious, just a galbladder stone and a million other things. Grandmas, I think she didn't want to call me ahead of time cause she knew I would just worry about her until I found out what the hell was going on. Anyway.. Yeah Pistons on winning last night, Ruth that one was in your face. Other then that nothing new to add. I'll talk to you guys and gals lata!!

Current Mood: Stuffy head, and sore throat
Friday, May 21st, 2004
8:19 am
It feels like home to me...
I wonder if every single person in the world goes through a depressed state every now and then. I hate that feeling like I'm the only one, in which when I'm depressed around all my upbeat friends I make them feel shitty as well.

I am going to Arkansas on Monday Night. We're leaving Monday night, getting there Tuesday and heading back on Wednesday. I'm so excited. Not only is it about time for me to go on another road trip, but I get to see my city, the place that I was raised. Apparently everything has changed, but hey is still feels like home to me, except for that occasional chicken shit smell when you first enter the state of Arkansas. But i think thats normal. Hopefully (crossing my fingers.)

I talked to Ruth last night for awhile. She is doing good. She was mad at me for never calling her back about lunch plans. I'm sorry, This past month has just been ridiculous. Sometimes I wish that I could turn into a fly or an ant and just go somewhere else. Dammit life sucks.

I also saw Kaley yesterday. She looks really good. I must say that I am quite impressed. We hung out for a couple hours, in which I proceeded to go to Prevos to look for Dan Romero, and pick up my moms prescription. I didn't see Dan , kaley and i were going to pull a prank on him, but I did get my moms prescription. I dunno what else to say. Wish me luck on a very fun trip down under....

Current Mood: I woke up good this morning.
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