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Harry who??

So... Its been awhile I suppose is the only statement I can make as of this far. I sure do miss this Journal typing shit.
Wow Last weekend Kai and I went to see "Prisoner of Azkaban" It was okay. I prefer the first two movies, but then again, the third book wasn't my favorite anyway, to be exact, I hate that one the most thus far. So I'm not suprised that the movie didn't leave me wetting my seat. People at Star kept saying "oh are you guys out on a date?" Yeah pretty sure if I was to cheat on Michael and go out with someone else, he would be better then Kai, believe you, me. Anyway, so I suppose that probably sent the rumor mill spinning, everyone thinking that the two of us hooked up, ha.. Sometimes I really do miss that place.
I am going to start of summer this weekend on Fri and Sat night. Friday so I can wheel Kaley around in her wheelchair. She provided a bit of humor by the suggestion that we should dress up like a couple of trailer trash girls, in mini skirts and the whole Sha-bang. I found this to be humorous, but also I would think it could be quite fun, seeing as how that weekend is the only weekend that people actually try to impress everyone by making their whole clothing ensemble work to match their shoes and purse. Kaley said I should wheel her around holding a cigarette in one hand and a pop bottle covered with a brown paper bag in the other. All in all the idea is great, however I don't believe we both will actually go through with it.
Other then that I have enrolled in CC for this fall, and have signed up for my classes and everything. Very excited that this fall I can prove myself to my parents as their daughter and hopefully as a great student, however only time will tell on that one. My grandmother was admitted to the hospital the other day for blood in her urine. She then proceeds to call me 4 days later to let me know what happened and told me that it wasn't serious, just a galbladder stone and a million other things. Grandmas, I think she didn't want to call me ahead of time cause she knew I would just worry about her until I found out what the hell was going on. Anyway.. Yeah Pistons on winning last night, Ruth that one was in your face. Other then that nothing new to add. I'll talk to you guys and gals lata!!
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