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I want to be a celebrity...

So I was watching some of the news this morning, when it hit me.. OH MY GOD THE 40TH PRESIDENT HAS PASSED AWAY.. of course you all know that I am just joking around seeing as how that is kinda old news. But in the midst of watching the news I learned that they had flown Reagans body to Washington D.C. (from Bel-air) so that more then a 100,000 people (that probably never knew him) could go and visit his casket, in his own library. Now that strikes me as a bit odd. 100,000 I don't even think i have spoken with 100,000 people in my whole life. It would have been crazier if they would have said " 100,000 of Reagans closest friends and family came to view the casket in the Reagan Library." I want a Library named after me...
Other then that not much else new, working as usual. Trying to get my head out of my ass and get the courage up to talk to my boss about how he treats me, and how I don't like it. He makes me feel like I am the dumbest person in this whole entire world. I should have stayed at star, at least there the manager was scared of me. (being Adam that is, since he is scared of everyone and conflict in general)
So Start of Summer Celebration this weekend. Totally psyched right here. I can't wait to go and shake my grove thing on the zipper with Bethmeister, A-Dawg, and now Brenda. This is gonna be so fucking tight.
Alright I got thangs to clean and that whole bit. Have a good one.. Hats off to you today...
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