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I'm at work right now, and someone forgot to shut off the A/C this weekend, cause I'm freezing my ass off.. Not to mention that I have on a short sleeved shirt and really thin pants.. Its driving me crazy working in a veterinarian clinic. Always cold and we kill poor defensless animals.

Nothing much going on this way. I received two emails from Michael and he was like mad at me that I haven't emailed him, which I guess he has a point to be seeing as how.. UM FUCKING YAHOO IS SCREWING UP AND I CAN'T EMAIL HIM ANYWAYS!!!

So yeah yesterday was fathers day. We had a garage sale. Pretty good thus far we have made upwards of like 600$ i think. Not bad, seeing as how I have made 20$. So yeah i guess thats a few more bucks in my pocket.

My mom is going to the doctor today. She got bit by a spider a few days ago and its continually getting worse and worse. I'm kinda worried. While there she will be explaining to Dr. Lang about how I can't sleep cause my damn side hurts all the fucking time. In which I hope he actually thinks about that and says well lets think about what we can do for Tiffany. I'm so sick of losing sleep cause of my side pain. Not to mention its already a pain in the ass as well.

Alright well time to get going, I have filing and shit I guess I could be doing. Love ya'll lots MUAH
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