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Long time no... JOURNAL

Yes that is correct ladies and gentlemen I have been gone for quite some time from the live journal circuit. I miss you guys. I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY. Um need to plan the oh so fun CEDAR POINT TRIP. Also A-Dawg I hear that Kai is coming.. And Ty and I were planning on all of us sharing a hotel room. I call whatever bed Kai isn't in (even if that means the floor) haha j/k.. Wait that was bad anyway. JESSICA AND MIAH BROKE UP. CALL ME FOR ALL THE JUICY DETAILS.. Actually I shouldn't even be posting that on here. Bad Tiffany Bad!!!
I got my car back and $830 dollars later it actually won't fall apart on me :) I hate my life... Whats more.. I actually have to pay for this shit! PEACE
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