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I got 99 problems... What isn't one?

Yeah so I am at work. Any surprises there? Didn't think so. Michael emailed me today. I dunno what is wrong with me at this moment. Its almost like its weird to hear from him. Almost like I dunno if we will make it. Its so difficult and noone can judge me until they have walked at least 4 steps in my shoes. I mean, Yes I am kinda starting to doubt our relationship, only because of all the problems I forsee coming. And trust me there are about 100 dozen of them. I mean I can't expect everything, but in that.. I just don't know how much longer this relationship will last. It would be completely different if was here and if we were together all the time. But his dad will be fighting for him to stay at home. Its almost like to me it isn't worth arguing about it. I just don't want ahuge explosion between his father and I to errupt. I know it will. This shit sucks. I hate it so much. GOD RELATIONSHIPS. Maybe I will have the ultimate conversation with him when he comes home. Who knows?
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