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Caroline.. Sometimes falling in love BITES!!

Today is Tuesday and it has been 11 days since I have heard from Michael. He is supposed to be home sometime this week, but frankly I'm way to worried about him. usually I receive at least an email a week. As of recently not so lucky. I hate living like this. Worried 24/7. So I found out Mrs. Bitch Sherry in fucking GREENVILLE told Michaels best friend that the two of us were engaged or married or some shit like that. Anyway he was way pissed I called him to assure him that it wasn't true. All settled now, just really pisses me off. How many cities are they away? thats what I thought
Last night I went out to dinner with Jessica and her family. Great times.. Especially the fact that John Peter Lewis was sitting right FUCKING BEHIND US! OMG. And Jennifer didn't even know who he was. Then she was like oh yeah.. I love you can I have a picture with you. He was like.. Uh.. Sure I guess so. great times. then we proceeded to slink out of my house and venture out to Belding to spy on Miah to see whether or not he was at home. guess what he was home. And guess who was pissed cause he didn't call them on their birthday? Jessica. Oh jesus. And I was actually starting to kinda like him and his thuggish ways. God why does it always have to happen after I get attached?? Love is a many splendid thing, all you need is love.
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