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A girl has got to eat... She'll end up on the street...Love is just a game

So last night I got to watch the best show in the world. Thats right ladies and gentlemen "Outback Jack." It was amazing. Especially the part where Jack voted out Meri-De and kept Marissa. That made me so happy. All that he needs to do now is get rid of Natalie and Maria and we will be all set. My dad didn't come home until like 2 a.m. and that was kinda depressing. So here I am sitting at my house all alone thinking of all the bad things that a whole bunch of thiefs could do to me and steal from me when all of a sudden.. I turned on the t.v. and saw none other then Chyna Doll on Howard Stern. She is so HUGE. I wanna grow up to be just like her. Her muscles are outrageous, I bet nobody tries to mess with her. I also watched an "Extreme Makeover" and I actually think that I may send in my shit for that show. Just cause I want my family to get to keep our house and I think we are very deserving of that. It would be hard and I would probably never get in but hey, I suppose its always worth a try. Anyway well as you all should know I am at work right now, so I will talk to you peeps lata. 12 days since I have heard anything from Michael.
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