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Now Presenting in this Corner....Tiffany

Hey guys whats up? Long time no Journal. I have been exceptionally busy with work and school; however, I'm not going to be my normal complainy self. Roll with it. HAHA Anyway. School is going alright. Tons of kids that think they are cool, but don't worry I snap them back into reality by telling them they really aren't. My speech class is a breeze, and English pft.. who needs it? Governmnet and developmental Psych is alright. Just kinda Maxin and Relaxin. Have a couple of tests to study for and what not but other then that just enjoying my time as a student. I think my boss wants to fire me :) Oh well. HEHE

Haven't heard from Michael lately. Last time we talked did not end on a good note. However, November 8 was our 1 year anniversary for dating... Okay sigh and relax. Thats the longest I have ever dated a guy. I need to get my head screwed on straight. 1 Year DAMN!!

One month and 14 days until I officially turn the big 21. I'm so excited. I can't wait. Not that I'm gonna go out and drink myself into an oblivian, Lord knows Tiffany can't handle the Tequila anyway, but no I just can't wait until i can go out to clubs and hang out with my friends and dance. And not have to worry about not being able to have a beer here and there. Anyway more to write later I need to get back to work Ciao for now Tiffany
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