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My birthday is seriously like a month away.

Bethany your ass better be coming to my 21st birthday, and you better to caro. Talk with Alison or Jessica or Tyler they have all the details. I know nothing :) My birthday is January 6 which is a thursday so I'm more then positive that you guys should have no problems getting that off the schedule. JUST TAKE IT OFF EARLY. I'm way to excited I think I might pee myself :) this is going to be the most fun I have had since Bethany, Tyler, and Jessica all came over for my 20th birthday and we went in and watched the Real World since the new season began on my birthday!! Who would have thought that would have been such a blast. Man o Man. I have like two older ladies from my work that wanna come as well, so I told them fine. They are like 30 something and 40 something. I said that should be fine, hey they could party down with the rest of us. My boss told me he didn't want me to work on my birthday, the day after my birthday, or the day after that. He told me that if I came in with a hang over that would completely suck (i guess kinda like that one day at Alisons house when I kept telling everyone what time I had to work the next morning) and then he also said he didn't want me to have to continually worry about having to go to bed early, he just wanted me to have fun with my friends. He also added, once you go out to a bar with your friends and its your 21st, its kinda hard to convince them that you have had enough cause everyone wants to keep slamming alcohol in your face, even when you have had plenty of it. Whoa this quite a bit for me to be writing. Alright well I think I'm done. So Alison, Bethany, Caroline, and whoever else reads this journal (which I'm guessing is very far and few between) come to my birthday party. Get in contact with Jessica, Alison, or Tyler. Love ya'll Peace.
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