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It feels like home to me...

I wonder if every single person in the world goes through a depressed state every now and then. I hate that feeling like I'm the only one, in which when I'm depressed around all my upbeat friends I make them feel shitty as well.

I am going to Arkansas on Monday Night. We're leaving Monday night, getting there Tuesday and heading back on Wednesday. I'm so excited. Not only is it about time for me to go on another road trip, but I get to see my city, the place that I was raised. Apparently everything has changed, but hey is still feels like home to me, except for that occasional chicken shit smell when you first enter the state of Arkansas. But i think thats normal. Hopefully (crossing my fingers.)

I talked to Ruth last night for awhile. She is doing good. She was mad at me for never calling her back about lunch plans. I'm sorry, This past month has just been ridiculous. Sometimes I wish that I could turn into a fly or an ant and just go somewhere else. Dammit life sucks.

I also saw Kaley yesterday. She looks really good. I must say that I am quite impressed. We hung out for a couple hours, in which I proceeded to go to Prevos to look for Dan Romero, and pick up my moms prescription. I didn't see Dan , kaley and i were going to pull a prank on him, but I did get my moms prescription. I dunno what else to say. Wish me luck on a very fun trip down under....
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impressed by kaley?
impressed by the fact that she is now out of the hospital and can actually walk on her own.
i guess i'm out of the loop.
She got into a really bad car accident almost a month ago.. and broke like tons of bones in her body. She has to be in a wheel chair.. and ugh oh I'll just call you sometime soon and explain everything that happened love ya babe ;) Tiffany