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I want to lick you from your head to your toes....

BLAH BLAH, Work sucks. I hate it so much. This place blows. I really need to go shopping for a brand new JOB!! HOORAY FOR GETTING THE HELL OUT OF A STERILIZED ENVIRONMENT WHERE POOR DEFENSLESS ANIMALS HAVE TO DIE AND WHERE I TOTALLY GET UNDERPAID FOR THE SHIT I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH!! So yeah. But the benefits are good, such as how much I pay to bring in my animals. The weird thing about my boss is that he will purposely tell people "Oh I didn't charge you for this or that" just so he can always look like the good guy. And then people are like awww what a great guy, then I (of course) have to collect the money and continually get bitched at about how much everything costs. Well that nice guy that you were just speaking to, yeah he makes up all the prices. SO GO TALK TO FUCKING HIM AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Wow now that I have gotten that out of my system, I believe it may actually be time to "REALLY" work. Only 7 more days until my baby comes home. I can't wait. BYE BYE
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