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My heart melts...

So yes the rumors are true, Michael came into Grand Rapids on Wednesday night. Originally I was really pissed at him cause he wanted me to come out to GREENVILLE to get to see him, when I was already at my house. Um.. I don't think so. In the end we compromised. He came to my house instead :) So I have been basically spending as much time as possible with him. It sucks cause I know in 14 days he will be going back to Iraq. I don't want that to happen, but then again there is really nothing I can do about it. I figured out though, by the time I am done with college, he will be back. I meant this year of college. So I guess it really isn't that long until I get to see him for good. We were discussing his plans for College and what he wanted to do when he got back. He was quite sure about everything yet. He said all he knew was " that he wanted to still be with me" Aww.. I have totally noticed how when guys say shit to other girls (like that) I'm totally like "oh blow me, that was the worst line" But when Michael says it to me, my heart melts. I have now realized what I love so much about him. Its so much harder when he is so far away. Lots of people don't understand. When he is here though, OMG nothing can go wrong (unless he screws something up) Seriously though. I just love him so much. I am so happy right now. I mean sure I'm gonna be upset when he leaves but, OH GESE. We are going out to Hydes tomorrow night for a party. Can't say that I am not excited. In fact Danny (michaels little brother) was like "hey hydes sometime soon? No Tequila this time for you Tiffany" If noone remembers this it was when I had to much Tequilas at Hydes house and Danny ended up taking care of me, then I woke up on the folded out couch next to him. It was one weird night. Good times out there however. Anyway alright well I'm going to get off here and get somethings done at work. BYE BYE GUYS!!
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