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*Sigh*.. And yes he is gone, the saga to Tiffanys relationship goes on...

So Michael left yesterday which is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I hated every moment of it. He waved goodbye, I cried. GOD. Why can't my life be like one of those movies where everything is perfect and everyone ends up happy? Why must I always be in the shitty ones where the beast captures you and cuts of your head or something. I feel like all of me is gone again. I hate this feeling. Everytime he leaves everything that I have goes with him. I can't believe how incredibly hard this is.
I do however need to make a few apologies begining with-
Alison - I am so sorry I couldn't come to your party and Tyler probably blew completely out of proportion what I had told him on the phone cause he doesn't like Michael anyway. So I am very sorry but Girlie you know I can see you any day of the week, my boyfriend however, Time is to far few and between that I actually get to cuddle with him, and who knows the next mortarer could hit his convoy and then I wouldn't have got to say everything I did get to say to him. I love you girlie and REALIZE THIS!!
Caroline - I'm sorry I have had my head up my ass for the past couple of months. Right now I'm trying to do better. I'm going to call you more and we're going to hang out more. I MEAN THAT. I'm sorry that I haven't been a great friend but maybe you can help teach me how to be good again, God knows I have forgot how to be nice to people due to an amount of stress and shit I deal with everyday and also know that I love you as well.
Nick - Sorry I couldn't come to your show. I know it means alot to you when you do play a show. I know I SUCK!! But hey I could always bring you some watermelon bubble gum, I know that usually makes you feel better :) I love you kid!!
Finally know that no matter what I say and what I do doesn't always reflect who I am. The next 6 months are going to be the worst in all of time. but I hope that with the few close friends I do have, they can help me make time fly by. I love you all dearly
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