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I guess I'm just a huge Doofus

Yeah so i haven't written on this thing in awhile.. obviously
Alot has been going on since.. I don't know if i had even talked the last time about how Michael and I broke up while he was still in Iraq. Well he decided that he wanted to break up with me... WHATS WRONG WITH ME?!?! Sorry I'm so apparently ugly
I did something stupid this past weekend, but no comment on what that might be
Michael is back from Iraq and doesn't know if he wants to get back together or not because of the mean text message that i sent him after some skank called my cell phone and left me some nasty message about how i'm interrupting their time.
Why do I always fall for the bad boys that I shouldn't even think about, but i guess my Mr. Right has been stolen out from under my nose.
I suck apparently and I guess I'm over it.
Sorry so short this time but nothing but lies and horrible things have been going on in my life
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